June 2013

Dodger Coach Babe Ruth

June 18, 1938 – Hall of Fame slugger Babe Ruth signs a contract to coach with the Brooklyn Dodgers. “The Babe” dons a Dodger uniform the next day, entertains observers with a batting demonstration and works the first-base coaching box. Ruth wore uniform No. 35 and the Dodger coaching position was the last job of Ruth’s baseball career.

Welch HR Wins 1-0 Classic

June 17, 1983 – Bob Welch’s first Major League home run beats the Cincinnati Reds, 1-0, at Dodger Stadium. Welch’s homered in the sixth inning off right-hander Mario Soto and added a single in the eighth inning. A career .171 hitter, Welch’s only other home run in 582 at-bats occurred on 5/6/86 against the Cubs at Wrigley Field.