Dodgers Trade Jackie

December 13, 1956 – The Dodgers trade Jackie Robinson to the New York Giants in exchange for pitcher Dick Littlefield and $30,000. The deal falls through when Robinson decides to retire and accept an executive position with the Chock full o’ Nuts company. Robinson couldn’t announce his plans at the time of the proposed trade because Look Magazine had the exclusive story and wouldn’t be published for two more weeks. In a letter to Giants owner Horace Stoneham dated January 14, 1957, Robinson explains his decision:

Dear Mr. Stoneham:

After due consideration I have decided to request to be placed on the voluntary retired list as I am going to devote my full time to the business opportunities that have been presented. My sincere thanks to you and Mr. Feeney for your wonderful cooperation and understanding in this matter. I assure you that my retirement has nothing to do with my trade to your organization. From all I have heard from people who have worked with you it would have been a pleasure to have been in your organization. Again my thanks and continued success for you and the New York Giants.


Jackie Robinson

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