Orel’s Streak

September 28, 1988 – Orel Hershiser set a MLB record with 59 consecutive scoreless innings, surpassing the previous mark of 58 2/3 innings by Dodger Hall of Famer Don Drysdale in 1968. Hershiser pitched 10 scoreless innings against the Padres in San Diego. In the bottom of the 10th inning, Drysdale stood in the dugout as a Dodger broadcaster. On the radio broadcast, Vin Scully described the play-by-play while Drysdale added his commentary. After Keith Moreland flied out to right field for the final out of the 10th, Drysdale greeted Hershiser in the dugout and they embraced. Hershiser left the game and the Dodgers eventually lost, 2-1, in 16 innings. Because it wasn’t a complete game for Hershiser, Drysdale retained his MLB record of six consecutive shutouts.

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